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Queering Sápmi – indigenous stories beyond the norm

Who are you? Who are you in the eyes of others? How do those around you and your environment affect your choices in life, with regards to who you can be and how you are feeling?
The stories in this book are all based on, and originate from, these questions. They constitute life stories that, so far, have not been given a space in society, or that have actively been silenced. The stories are told by Saami (indigenous people of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia) people who challenge norms and expectations about gender and sexuality. Their stories concern us all, if only we dare to question ourselves and what we usually take for granted.
The book is one of the outcomes of the project Queering Sápmi.

About the book
320 pages
Text and image: Elfrida Bergman and Sara Lindquist

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Bargain offer: 7 books for 65 USD + shipping from Sweden! 

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