Queering Sápmi

Queering Sápmi was a democracy project for and together with Saami individuals who in some way challenge norms about gender and sexuality. It was run between 2011 and 2015. The project enlightened queer Saami life stories which showed that the human is bigger than the template.

The objectives was to create reflections and debate to in a longer perspective strengthen the possibility to live in Sápmi no matter identity, gender expression and sexuality. We also created new networks between individuals and organisations who work from a Saami or LGBTQI perspective. Further on the objective was to democratise and nuance the image of Saami identity among as well Saami as not-Saami.


The results – an international exhibition and a book translated into 4 languages was released in september 2013. Since then the book has been translated into 3 more languages and a mini version of the exhibition has been produced. During 2015 Ögonblicksteatern is going to produce a stage performance, Vahák, based on the material. Qub förlag is responsible for the continous distribution of the book and the mini exhibition. The Swedish mountain and Saami museum Ájtte is responsible of spreading the international travelling exhibition.

The project worked to create a complex and diversed image of what it is to be Saami and norm challenger. We wanted to open up the understanding between people, inside and outside Sápmi, Saami and not Saami, and to show how differences can cause strength within a group, in stead of making it weaker. The project did not make any claims of presenting an all-embracing image of Saami culture or to represent Saami identity in its whole, but to enlighten and nuance the representation of Saami and different identity positions within the Saami group.

The project was owned by  Sáminuorra and Ögonblicksteatern. It was funded by Allmänna ArvsfondenNordisk kulturfond, Länsstyrelsen i Västerbotten, Jämtlands läns landsting, Länsstyrelsen i Jämtlands Län, Länsstyrelsen i NorrbottenSametinget in Sweden, Sametinget in Norway, Landstinget Västernorrland, Nordisk Barn- och Ungdomskommitté, Norrbottens läns landstingNordkalottrådet and Region Västerbotten.