About Qub

Our passion lies in stories and images that offers new perspectives. We know that the subjective and personal always says a great deal about the society on a whole. We believe that stories can change the world.

In our work we combine culture analysis, ethnographic methods and norm critical perspectives with photography. Except running our own projects we offer lectures and workshops about norm critical perspectives, project management and creative processes as a tool for social change. We believe that the struggle to advance human rights is worthy of us being nerdy when it comes to quality and details. Qub love creating partnerships with others who complement our competences and strengthen our processes. We often cooperate with organisations, institutions and other companies to make our visions come true

Qub is run by Sara Lindquist and Elfrida Bergman. Starting the company was a way to spread the results from the project Queering Sápmi – indigenous stories beyond the norm. The organisation for Saami youth, Sáminuorra, owned the project and gets royalty for every sold copy of the book.

All the best!

Elfrida and Sara

Previous and current partners of Qub:
Kvanne Grafiska
Härjedalens Fjällmuseum
Samuel Pettersson
Sweet Translations
Västerbottens Museum